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Founded in 2013, we are a Spanish B2B firm.We strive to leverage our team and technology to help customer experience and human capital departments, to tighten and shorten the processes of:

Listening to their customer and employee voices, using our mechanisms for capturing feedback and/or integrating data gleaned from other suppliers.
– Analysing those voices, by means of a powerful business intelligence tool.
– Turning that intelligence into actionable insight via a reporting and notification system.
Detecting situations and cases warranting immediate intervention.

Embedded in our IT stack and processes are all-the-rage concepts such as the internet of things (IoT), business intelligence (BI), cognitive analysis, Scrum, etc.

customer experience cx
customer experience cx

Our entire technology platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud. In a pioneering move, Microsoft Azure has obtained digital security certification from , Spain’s national security scheme (ENS for its acronym in Spanish), earning a High Level score

Our managed services-oriented architecture enables us to make the most of the elastic demand characteristics of Azure , and readily access and quickly incorporate the newest developments Azure adds to its catalogue. This approach enables us to offer our customers avant-garde technology that is reliable and scalable..

Likeik was selected by Microsoft to form part of its international programme, BizSpark Plus.

In order to embed complementary functionality into its technology platform, Likeik integrates tools offered by the top global suppliers. They all comply strenuously with the GDPR. Likeik is keenly focused on data protection, as is evident in the certification of its information security management system under ISO 27001.

Our entire platform is accessible via internet from any device without the need to install any app or software whatsoever.

Likeik is resident in Spain and markets and sells its services to its customers directly.It does not use distributors.. You will be in direct contact with with the team that developed the solution and is executing analogous projects for other clients.

customer experience cx