Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a datum, file or data storage and recovery device which downloads onto your device when you visit our Site, social media profiles or receive an email. Cookies enable automated storage and recovery of data about how you use certain websites and about the equipment or device you use to visit them. There are different kinds of cookies. For example:

First-party cookies: cookies that are sent to your device from a domain managed by us from where we provide our Services and where our webpage or email service is hosted.

Third-party cookies: cookies that are sent from a device or domain that is not managed by us but rather by another entity in order to provide us with a specific service and, in some cases, so that they themselves can use the information generated to provide their own services to third parties, all of which framed by an agreement entered into between us and the provider for the purpose, among other things, of processing the information it obtains in a controlled manner.

Session cookies: a type of cookie designed to collect and store data during the time in which you visit a webpage, service, email account or social media handle.

Persistent cookies: a type of cookie in which the data continues to be stored on your device and can be accessed and processed during a period of time defined by the entity responsible for the cookie, which may range from just a few minutes to several years.

Analytical cookies: cookies that, whether used by us or by third parties, enable us to quantify and classify the users of our websites, blogs, emails or social media profiles in order to measure and statistically analyse how they are being used.

Social media cookies: cookies configured to connect up with the social networks and share content with us and other social media users and compile information about how you use our social media handles.


How do we use the cookies?

To process the information we obtain automatically about the way you use our Site and other digital platforms such as LIKEIK’s social media handles, we use third-party cookies; those third parties may access that information to process it for their own purposes.
Those third-party cookies are:

Measurement cookies: The application we use to obtain browsing information and to measure and analyse our audience is Google Analytics. Developed by Google, Google Analytics provides the audience measurement and analysis service for our pages. In turn, Google Analytics can use that same data to improve its own services and offer services to other firms. You can learn more about those other uses at the indicated links. The information they gather is related with the number of pages visited, the language selected, the social media in which our news gets posted, the city or region in which the IP address from which you visit us is located, the number of new users, the frequency and repeat nature of the visits, visit times, the browser and operator or type of terminal from which you visit us.

Social cookies: On our Site there is a series of tools or applications that will enable you to interact with other applications, such as:
Facebook Connect, which allows you, if you so desire and by pressing the corresponding button, to connect your Facebook profile and keep it associated with our pages.

Google+, which allows you, if you so desire and by pressing the corresponding button, to connect your Google+ profile and keep it associated with our pages.

Social Plugins for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which allow you, if you so desire and by pressing the corresponding buttons, to share or recommend news items we publish on our pages or handles.