You will be able to extract and upload inmediately data of any kind from/into your systems thanks to our platform.

integración datos multifuente

Your voice of the customer or employee should at some point layer in other data sources, such as your CRM, ERP, HRM, incident management systems, etc.

To that end, Likeik has developed a platform and service that make it easy for you to import and upload the data your project needs.

Via our API or a custom-developed file transfer protocolyou will be able to extract and upload, in real time or at a set frequency, data of any kind from your enterprise management systems:

  • Extract contact data
  • Extract segmentation variables
  • Extract operating data
  • Upload feedback into CRM customer file
  • Upload cases into incident management tool
  • Send alerts to collaboration platforms and instant messaging chats

At Likeik we know how overwhelmed our clients’ IT departments are.

That is why our IT team is there to help them make the integration go as smoothly as possible to ensure effective target delivery.

Also, Likeik will work hand in hand with your IT professionals to make sure the process is as inexpensive and fast as possible.

integracion con plataformas

Connect Likeik up to your management tools

icono microsoft excel

CUpload or download any type of data in Excel format

Automatically sync survey results with your CRM customer files

integración de datos meta4

Automatically cross-tabulate the feedback provided by each employee with their HR segmentation variables

logo sap

Transfer business variables and enrich the emotional analysis with hard data

logo Microsoft Dynamics

Send the surveys from your CRM and transfer the responses automatically to Likeik

logo zendesk

VUpload the cases needing attention into your incident management tool in real time

logo slack

Share survey results with different employee channels

logo telegram

Send real-time alerts to individuals or groups based on pre-defined filters

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