Customer Experience (CX)

The customer experience (CX) is what truly sets a business apart, even more than price or product.

experiencia del cliente

In a market in which the customer rules, has multiple buying choices and pays more heed to word of mouth than ads, management of the customer experience (CX) and journey has emerged as a competitive driver as or more important than price.

Rolling out a continuous experience tracking and enhancement programme has ceased to be a curiosity: it has become a must for all businesses.

The reach and size of your programme will depend on your firm’s level of development

At Likeik we help you take the first steps in capturing your customers’ experience and turning the feedback into actionable insight. And if you are ready, we can implement a far-reaching omni-channel programme tailored for the specifics, structure and size of your organisation and business.

Measure your customer’s emotions at all of the important touch points, as illustrated in this Customer Journey Map:

soporte de captura experiencia empleado

What do you gain by improving your customer’s experience?

Aumenta el ticket medio de compra

Increase your share of wallet

By increasing their loyalty to your brand.

Boost positive word of mouth

By turning them into advocates of your firm.
Reduce el coste

Reduce your churn rate

By detecting and anticipating customer losses and the reasons.

Engage the entire organisation

By constantly sharing intelligence with your employees.

How can Likeik help you measure and manage Likeik your customers’ experience?


Omnichannel Listening touch point

Soliciting or collecting feedback throughout every touchpoint of the customer journey.

Transforming data into information and insight

Turning their opinions, assessments and feedback into actionable information.

Sharing organization

Regularly with the entire organisation through our dashboard and reports.

Identifying areas for improvement

In products, services and teams. The improvements your customers are looking for.

Detecting patterns

Automatically. As a result of the actions taken but also by cross tabulating multiple variables.

Sending real-time alerts

To the right people in specific situations. Facilitating oversight of ongoing customer incidents.

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