Customer Experience Management

Optimizes listening at different interaction points

Capture the requested feedback

Get information in an orderly fashion and linked to a specific stage of the aisle
of your customer's or employee's aisle
E-mail and SMS

Send personalized surveys.

From our self-management platform, create, customize and change forms, schedule mailings and forwardings, and include saturation rules.

Web form and app

Know the experience regarding navigation, product availability or suggestions.

We design your form and share the snippet with you so you can copy and paste it into the code of your website or app.

Telephone calls

Telephone surveys related to your company's
experience in your company.

Sending logs and answers, are ingested and returned in real time from our platform. We offer call recording.

Captures unsolicited feedback

Listen to a natural, spontaneous and warm message.
Tablets and push buttons

Capture feedback in the heat of the moment, right after the experience.

We design 100% customized for your project. We have a dedicated team to support the terminal park.

Dynamic tags: QR and NFC

Capture the customer's voice, easily and affordably, using QR or NFC media.

You will be able to change, as many times as you want, the linked form, without having to replace the image or support.

Social networks

Listen and analyze what they say about your brand.

Extract keywords, categorize comments and measure impact. Launch surveys and aggregate answers on our platform.

Create unforgettable experiences for your customers

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