Likeik’s technology platform and team are ready, to create the best solution no matter the size of your business or project.

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We provide two service models. the managed service model, handled by the Likeik team; and (ii) the self-service model, managed by the client

When to choose the managed service:

  • If you need complex integration with your CRM, ERP, etc.
  • iIf you want multi-variable dashboards with a fully customised look and content
  • If your organisational structure is complex and in flux
  • If your team is small and you want us to take care of everything

When to choose the self-service route:

  • If you are a small business looking to take your first steps in gathering voice of the customer feedback.
  • If you want to get started with an affordable tool.
  • If you enjoy doing it yourself and want to be totally self-sufficient.

Managed service, customisable functionality. Average implementation timeframe 21 days.

Customised analysis and dashboards

  • 100% made-to-measure dashboards over MS Power BI
  • Text analysis: keyword detection, categorisation and business- and sector-specific dictionaries
  • Automated, multi-channel voice-to-text transcription
  • Translation of text into +120 languages

Customised integration

  • Automated upload of recipients and their segmentation variables via API or file transfer protocol
  • Integration of multiple-source data from your CRM, ERP, HRS, sensors, etc.
  • Upload of responses into your CRM
  • Upload of alerts into your incident management tool
  • Integration of historical data and other studies into dashboard

Customised developments

  • 100%-tailored surveys. Layout of questions and answers, images, transitions, etc.
  • Surveys for websites and apps (Script)
  • Survey widgets for integration into body of emails
  • Automated generation of links to surveys for subsequent distribution by client
  • Access to Likeik platform via single sign-on (SSO)and identity federation

Customised filters and alerts

  • Multi-rule alerts and customised thresholds
  • Fatigue-limiting distribution automations: Avoid sending surveys to the same recipient for a defined period of time
  • Quotas: minimum sample size rules as a function of N recipient segmentation variables
plataforma funcionalidades

Self-management, self-service, you can do it yourself. It’s never been easier.


  • Organisational: 6 levels of hierarchy
  • Profiles: Any combination of 25 funcionalities
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Associated with any organisational level and profile
  • Multi-language

Survey design

  • 7 types of questions, multi-language
  • Logical steps
  • Customisation, corporate brand image


  • Email and SMS: template personalisation, recipient management, segmentation, redistribution on demand, conversion statistics
  • QR codes, NFC tags and tablets: location-specific, usage statistics


  • Charts by question, location, timeframe
  • Report sharing, HTML with results summary
  • Ad-hoc dashboards: controlled access depending on user hierarchy*
  • Generation and storage of PDFs


  • Design alerts regarding the existence of incomplete answers
  • Detection of text and/or punctuation and/or complete answers
  • Immediate distribution to pre-determined recipients


  • Filter by @ account or # hashtag
  • Download last 500 tweets
  • Analysis of sentiment, user relevance, reach
  • Interactive dashboard

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