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Alerts and action in real time

With Likeik you can rest assured,
we’ll let you know whenever anything important happens.

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Likeik is on top of everything 24/7: opinions, suggestions and complaints from your customers and employees. If something important happens, we’ll let you know.

You define the rules and thresholds for triggering alerts and Likeik will notify you in real time, via email, SMS, Slack, Telegram or Whatsapp.

Set a role-appropriate policy so that the various types of alerts reach the right people within your organisation.

We can also suggest courses of action to your recipients, depending on the type of alert triggered.

Our platform allows you to keep track of alerts and incident management.

Alerts using the self-management tool


You can set up your own alert triggers based on 1 or 2 simultaneous conditions linked to your survey questions.
For example:

  • Detection of keywords in a question or comment
  • NPS score of 7 or lower
  • Option XYZ in a multiple-answer question.

Indicate the people in your organisation who should receive them recibirlas. Easy to set up and modify.

acciones de fidelizacion
estrategia de fidelización de clientes

Customised alerts, endless possibilities


You can define any kind of sequence for for as many alert triggers as you need. The triggers can be articulated around different event thresholds. For example:

  • Quantitative: indices and structured responses
  • Qualitative: one or more keywords in the commentary provided
  • Recurrence of a root problem over a defined period of time

Specify for each alert, your desired thresholds, distribution policy and recipient hierarchy.

Define an array of suggested actions as a function of the alert

Incident and detractor management


The reasons for the alert, the time of occurrence, the suggested action, the response provided by the person in charge, resolution times, etc. are all stored on our platform and can be tracked from a panel or dashboard.

Systematically manage and monitor your detractors. You will be able to analyse the impact of this effort easily in the NPS and, linking the trend in NPS with your invoicing statistics, its correlation with revenue. Calculate the ROI on CX.

Likeik’s platform can also be integrated into your own incident management tool for case resolution purposes. In addition, the data can be easily uploaded into customer files in your CRM.

estrategia de fidelización de clientes

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