Analysis and reporting

Identify opportunities and risks in realtime. Interpret written comments gathered from different sources. Share responses to encourage change or sort out incidents.

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    Visualise the results in real time, take smart actions based on reliable and structured data.

    business intelligence


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    Self-management tool

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    business intelligence

    Fully-customised dashboard

    Put an end to siloed data. Centralise and integrate all relevant data into a single, comprehensive dashboard.

    Purchase our managed service and let Likeik take care of everything: prototyping, development and maintenance of a dashboard that is 100%-tailored for your project’s needs. Thanks to our integration module, you can layer in any type of operational, sales or HR information that enriches your analysis.

    Ask us for all sorts of personalised metrics multidimensional cross-referencing, filters, etc. Likeik develops the dashboards over Microsoft Power BIand embeds them into its platform. Your entire organisation will have role-defined access to them so that they get the information they need. Download the data in Excel format.

    Our service includes development, maintenance and response times of under 48 hours

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    Self-management tool

    If you purchase our self-management tool, you will gain access to a highly intuitive and complete module where you can check your experience feedback in real time.

    The information is organised by survey, touch point and time interval.

    To set it all up you won’t need to do a thing. The platform automatically links a chart to each kind of question on your survey. All you have to do is interpret it and draw conclusions.

    Download all the results in Excel format. Similarly access the outputs from your mobile phone or tablet.

    análisis con business intelligence bi
    análisis con business intelligence bi


    Share knowledge and conclusions with your organisation. Using our self-management tool you will be able to set up the recurring distribution of HTML reports by email to the platform users of your choice.

    You can also share the results of your customer experience tracking with external partners by sending them a direct link to that information only.

    If you purchase our managed service you can ask us to develop a regular HTML report with any layout or structure to best suit your project. Add, for example:

    • Personalised metrics
    • Conditional distribution and recipient filters
    • The option to download the data in Excel from the report
    • You can also ask to be sent the reports in PDFs,
      if you have purchased the customised dashboard feature.

    Use text analysis to understand what your customers and employees are talking about in their comments, claims and suggestions

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    Keyword detection

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    Categorisation model

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    Sentiment analysis

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    Categorise feedback automatically

    Our model allows you to define the key words or word clusters for your project. We then use them to create dictionaries associated with predefined categories, tailored for your project and sector. Likeik comes up with the initial analysis and model and subsequently taps your feedback on how it is working to fine-tune it.

    Comments are allocated to categories automatically, which helps you to separate the wheat from the chaff.

    Prioritise important situations. We cross-reference the data along multiple dimensions and provide users with the most important root causes, underpinned by the trend in metrics such as the NPS, keywords, categories, products, services, names, etc.

    All of this culminates in a model that is tailored for your project and sector. It helps you understand what you are being told without having to read all the results.

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    Sentiment analysis

    Likeik has two tools for classifying the sentiment behind a comment:

    • The platform embeds an automated process that calls the Microsoft Cognitive Services API which sends us back a numeric sentiment score of between 0 and 100 for every comment./li>
    • In addition, we can use the dictionary-based method to detect words and clusters of works with a positive – neutral – negative bias.

    Once a sentiment has been assigned to a comment, it can be used to trigger an alert so that you receive real-time notifications of the need for case or detractor management

    Use voice-to-text transcription to bring your customer experience analysis to the next level. Understand their experiences and detect areas for improvement.

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    Transcribe audio recordings to text

    herramientas de business intelligence

    Record transcriptions

    herramientas de business intelligence

    Analyse the content

    herramientas de business intelligence

    Audit call quality

    herramientas de business intelligence

    Your conversations in writing

    The Amazon and Microsoft voice transcription services are integrated into the Likeik platform. That enables us to automatically transcribe audio recordings and analyse their contents. All in an effective, scalable and economic manner.

    Among other things, we can fine-tune acoustic models to boost transcription reliability and detect different channels-conversations within the recordings to differentiate the customer from the operator. All of which in multiple languages.

    herramientas de business intelligence

    Audit call quality

    Maintain the agreed service standards and quality criteria by means of ongoing audits that automatically control
    the contents of each call and assess the defined quality parameters.assess the defined quality parameters.

    Check for example that the caller:

    • Greets the call recipient at the start of the conversation
    • Offers the defined product
    • Asks the recipient for the required information
    • Informs the recipient of the terms of service
    • Reads out the data protection policy

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