CX-EX equipment and technological solutions
Turn customer and employee feedback into business opportunities

What are you looking for?

Taking the first steps in CX-EX

We help you define your needs and prioritize the phases of the solution you require.

Automate my craft solution

We automate processes to make it robust, scalable and time-saving.

Enhancing my VoC-VoE program

We have the missing pieces to your current VoC-VoE program. We can easily integrate.

Improve one point of the journey

We develop a technological solution that adapts to your requirements.

We have what you are looking for

Technology and human resources to help you solve any need

Customer Experience

Listen, permanently, to the voice of your customer, at every stage of the Customer Journey. Measure NPS®, conduct satisfaction surveys, read social media comments and reviews. Interpret and react in real time to feedback.

Employee Experience

Listen to your employees' engagement and well-being at every stage of the Employee Journey. Measure eNPS®, HR effort and identify moments of pain. Manage talent retention and ensure that their enthusiasm is transmitted to your customers' experience.

Study Survey

Satisfaction survey waves or working environment. Telephone, face-to-face, unattended tablet, e-mail, SMS and WhatsApp surveys. Specific quantitative studies on a touchpoint, product, sales channel, department or employee profile, etc.

Tailor-made project

We have more than 60 functionalities to be able to undertake any project related to CX-EX enhancement. Choose, combine and create a proposal that fits your needs.

Find out what our customers say

Find out what our customers say

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